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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Master of Events
This is an event that brings together corporate brand event buyers, international tour operators, top-level executives of agencies and event companies, as well as hotels, event companies and service providers for 2 days of B2B meetings

Who are the Masters of Events Participant Hosted Buyer Profile?
Event and Management coordinators of corporate brands (that includes all sales, purchasing, communication, Organization managers) International tour operators National tour operators Event organization companies Agencies

Who are the Masters of Events Exhibitior Profile?
Hotels Event organization agencies Subcontracting companies (Tourism transportation, decor, catering, human resources, agencies, airline, cruise, technology companies and organization suppliers)

What is included in the B2B Package?
15 Minutes meetingsmeetings for 2 days (meetings will be planned from online website 1 week before the event and will Happen at hosted buyer desks. There will be above 40 B2B meetings in the planned time) An invitation for 2 person for MOE Party which will be held at first Evening of event and will be bringing the hosted buyers together An invitation for 2 person for ACE of M.I.C.E. Awards and gala dinner on the second day of the event. Complimentary lunch and tea/coffee refreshments provided as part of the event.

Can a second person from our company attend?
If two separate B2B meeting packages have been purchased, the second person can attend with a separate meeting schedule. If only one B2B meeting package has been purchased, they can attend the same meetings and events with you. Additional fees apply for more attendees.

How is accommodation/transfer provided?
We share the special rates we have obtained for the event from the hotel where the event will take place with our participants. Upon payment, we arrange the organization.”